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Hand three strong combination


Warm congratulations to Kosovo to become a designated supplier of Trinity Group sling!

Kosuo than China's only one specializing in the import of sling with the enterprise. Sany Group, the world's largest manufacturer of concrete machinery. Kosuo more than the safety of the quality and professionalism to win the global top 50 engineering machinery trust and support, can be described as strong combination, for the development of Kosby than plug the wings of the takeoff.

All along, the Kosovo than through a variety of ways to Sany Group to provide sling with a solution, for many years without any flaws. This long-term designation agreement is a matter of course and a crystallization of Kosovo's efforts. For decades, no matter how the economy developed, Kossoby always adhere to the quality-oriented, the safety of the principle in the end. Economic crisis, even losing three years do not cut corners of the insistence on shaping the Kosovo people's safety and service awareness. Also won the trust of some large enterprises, well - known enterprises. Huarui wind power will be a quarter of millions of orders to Kesuo Bibi, it is the early on the Kosovo than countless tests and running; Vestas long-term supply of rotating rings; Kerui Group full range of pulley Procurement; Jerry oil gravity ring ring matching; Bosch Rexroth, hundreds of boxes of welding rings a year; side pull the ring exports, so that Kosovo to become China's lifting rings of the leading brands and the largest supplier.

Industry, skilled in the ground. Kosuo Bi will be the core business as the core business, the introduction of new high-end brands and independent brand research and development, in the security, delivery and integrity of China's rigging industry set a model, the road is far away, Will be more robust growth, "security, service, integrity" welcome to choose Kosuo spreader, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation, welcome friends come to visit the sessions of guidance.

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