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Safety is heavy in Taishan


Reporter: Zhao Gong, know why we first interview you?

Zhao workers: Oh, maybe I am older it.

(Zhao Gong humorous and interesting to say)

Zhao Gong: I think mainly the nature of my work, I was responsible for sling safety, and the industry the most important security.

Reporter: Yes, you grasp the heart of Kosovi.

Zhao Gong: This is not an exaggeration, a business is the most important product, a product is the most important quality, no good quality everything is out of the question, I am in the sling industry for more than a decade, plus My age and character, I will never allow the product to have any security risks.

Reporter: that you usually how to control the safety of these products?

Zhao Gong: You see that there is a tall tensile testing machine and next to the flaw detector, it is not furnishings, the general test we have to go through the raw material testing, processing process control, factory destructive testing, the basic is foolproof.

Reporter: You so pay attention to quality, have not seen the benefits?

(Speaking of this, Zhao's words box opened)

Zhao workers: how can it do, you see that foreign customers, put up the thumb ok, ok, that is the greatest affirmation of my work.

Reporter: Thank you, Zhao, I hope you can strict quality control.

Zhao workers: certain.

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