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Coso to the majority of customers New Year


  Happy old age, laughter greet new year. In this celebration of the whole country, Koso than all the staff to long-term concern and support the development of the company's friends to express my heartfelt thanks. To all new and old customers to the most sincere New Year blessing.

  2012 is an important milestone in the development of Kosovo's leapfrog development. As the leading brand of China's safety sling, Kosuo more timely adjustment of industrial structure; adhere to the professional import sling with the line; located in the high-end rigging market; the introduction of Germany THIELE, Germany JDT, Taiwan YOKE, the Netherlands GREENPIN and other world Brand sling; focus on rotating rings, mold rings, welding rings and other advantages of product agents and research and development. Has made Siemens, Sany Heavy Industry, Vestas, Sinovel, CNOOC, Sinopec and many other customers trust and support. The development of a professional rigging detection, lifting solutions to solve the cause of the Division, cultivate a number of high-level, high-quality rigging professional and technical personnel.

  Integrity achievements Albert, safe to win the market. As China's largest supplier of imported sling, as the only one professional lifting rings of the enterprise. We are deeply aware of the importance of safety. We not only to always control the quality of products, acceptance of security commitments. But also to improve the service, strengthen the safety awareness of the people. Prevention is better than disaster relief, safety is more important than Taishan.

  The new year opens new hope, the new course carries new responsibilities. The passionate Cossby team will be passionate to work together to create a more brilliant 2013.

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